On a boiling day at Browns Chapel the White Sox ended their two game slump over the Mets. The Mets scored twice in the first but David Wynne, Wesley and Bretton held them nearly scoreless the rest of the day (one weak run scored in the fifth). In the bottom of the inning Mark led off with a single and moved around the bases on some walks to score the first Sox run. In the third Garrett led off with a walk, Mark followed with a walk, Nolan loaded the bases with a walk and with the bases loaded David Wynne had a nice infield hit to short to score a run. A second run scored on a single to Wesley. Coach Grossman got a little excited with two outs and sent David Wynne home on a wild pitch and he almost made it but in a close call he was out at home. Coach Grossman had a similar unfortunate experience in the second when he sent Wesley on a wild pitch that one was not so close. So despite Coach Grossman’s bright ideas on third the Sox led 4-2 after three.

In the bottom of the fourth it was all White Sox as they capitalized on 7 straight walks to score 4 quick runs and move to an 8-2 lead. They got an insurance run in the fifth on a big single by Nolan some walks and some alert baserunning by Nolan who scored on an overthrow to the pitcher (from a routine pitch from the catcher). Bretton came on in the fifth and gave a gutsy performance as he had suffered several minor injuries throughout the game but he finished off the Mets to give the White Sox a big win.

The Sox now have only two games left before the tournament – next Tuesday and next Saturday. Also, they are heading out to see the O’s play the Mariner’s tomorrow. Coach Grossman said “We had a great practice yesterday and it really paid off today — I’m glad to see everyone back on track. The team is starting to really come together and I’m looking forward to our final week – we have two more big games and then the tournament.”

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