Teaching Half-Torque Pitching Drill

Player stands opposite another coach or player.  Players face each other torso to torso (belly button to belly button so they are looking directly at each other).  Start at a distance of about ten feet and then move back as the player begins to throw accurately.

Teaching half-torque drillThrower starts with ball in hand, arm raised so that elbow is shoulder height and forearm is at ninety degree angle to elbow.  Eyes are on the target.  Glove on non-throwing hand is open with palm facing the throwers body and tucked close to chin level to provide more stability to the thrower.  Feet are shoulder with apart and knees are bent.   The receiver/catcher shows a visible, stable target to the thrower.  When ready, the thrower eyes the target, bends at waist and throws to the target while keeping his eye on the target and his glove hand stable during the motion.

When the throwing motion is complete, the thrower should still be looking at the target; glove should still be tucked near the chin; the thrower should be bent at the waist; and the thrower’s back should be parallel to the ground; and the throwing hand should be almost touching the ground and be centered between the throwers two bent legs.

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