About Coach Grossman

Youth baseball coach Dave GrossmanHi – My name is David Grossman.

I have been coaching youth baseball since 1999.

Before that I coached adult softball for 10 years.

Coaching youth baseball is far better.

I have coached all levels of Youth Baseball — T-ball, A, AA, AAA, Majors, All-Stars and Travel.

I have been on our little league board of directors.  I have been T-ball commissioner (one year), Quartermaster (four years) and Director of Safety and Training (1 year) for Reston Little League.  I just moved to England where I am about to be the Minors Commissioner for London Little League.

That takes care of baseball.  My day job is I am a Computer Science professor.   I have taught for the last 25 years.  I started as a graduate teaching assistant at the University of Central Florida.  After that I was an Adjunct Professor at Maryland, George Mason and George Washington.  I taught full time from 1999-2012 at the Illinois Institute of Technology and this past fall I became a faculty affiliate at Georgetown University.

Coach Dave Grossman with Youth League TeamSo I think I know something about teaching since I have done it so long. I have some idea of what works and what doesn’t.  That doesn’t mean I am a specialist at little kids.  I started coaching before I had kids so I think that gives me some perspective.  My two boys are Isaac (11) and Joseph (9) and I have been coaching their teams as soon as they were eligible to play.

Coaching your own kid certainly has been a different experience than when I didn’t coach my own kids, but I think it gives me some insight into the world of parents.

I’ve also written about my own experiences with some remarkably effective dental treatment, that you can read on gumdisease.info.

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