There is a section for catching drills. And there is an in-depth report about teaching kids how to throw.

This section, however, is about drills where the focus is on both throwing and catching.

Diamond Drill

Have a player at P, C, 3B, 2B, and 1B. Pitcher throws to Catcher, and Pitcher “follows” his throw by running to the C position. Catcher throws to 3B, and Catcher “follows” his throw by hustling down to 3B. 3B throws to 2B, and 3B “follows” his throw by hustling to 2B. 2B throws to 1B, and 2B “follows” his throw to 1B. 1B throws to Catcher (who started the drill as the P), and 1B “follows” his throw to to C position. Continue drill until P gets a second turn to catch the ball at Catcher.

Throwing Relay

Line up 4-5 players on a relay team and space them a good 15-20 feet apart if not more.  This can be done at all levels.

Tell them the game is to throw the ball down the line to the next player and then back before the other side gets the ball down and back.

You can play a version where they lose if the ball touches the ground.

Key teaching points are to catch, shuffle step and throw all in a single, nice smooth motion.

After one relay, make some substitutions so the sides are equal.

Also, periodically swap players so that they aren’t always throwing and catching to the same player.

Starting at ages 9 this drill can be really fun and effective.

Bucket Toss

Place an empty bucket at 2B.

Spread kids out in the OF and have them try to throw the ball in the bucket.

Can do the same drill with the bucket at home plate.

For a more advanced version set up a batting T at home and put a ball on it and have players try to knock the ball off the T.  Stress the importance of really caring about hitting a target and make sure players have eye contact on the target before the throw.

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