“I have spent a number of hours talking baseball with Coach Grossman and discussing many of the drills in this book. Coach Grossman’s book will go a long way in helping players of all ages to become more fundamentally sound in every aspect of the game of baseball. This book is a must have for any Coach or parent looking to make players or child better.”

— Coach Mark “Pudge” Gjormand – Head Coach Madison High School Warhawks
Head Coach Mark “Pudge” Gjormand is entering his 16th season at the helm of the James Madison High School baseball program. Gjormand has a (.718) record in his 15 seasons. He won the state championship in 2002.

“In regards to youth baseball, Coach Grossman is THE most passionate person I have ever met.  I have spent many seasons coaching with him as well as against him.  His primary goal, first and foremost, has always been to help his players learn to love the game of baseball.  He successfully accomplishes this by improving their skills through the use of a number of fun, exciting, often unique and sometimes quirky drills.  He loves youth baseball more than anyone I know!”

— Coach Jeff Grammes.  Head Coach, 2011 Virginia State Little League Champions

“I have been David Grossman’s Assistant coach since 1999 we have won a lot and lost a few, but his enthusiasm for the game and teaching young players has never wavered.  Dave is a lifelong teacher from college down to kindergarten (T-Ball players) and he always finds a way to communicate with his players.  If they do not understand a concept he will find another way to teach it.  As his assistant I learned a lot about baseball that I never knew as a young lad playing the game.  I have gone on to be the head coach of AAA teams and a Manager of a 9-10 All-Star team All because David Grossman showed me that I could do it too.  After reading David’s book you too will be able to teach youth baseball and have fun doing it.”

— James L. Goldstein Manager, Coach, Assistant Coach at all levels of Little League Baseball

“Coach Grossman truly understands youth baseball and is able to communicate the right mix of baseball skills instruction and enthusiasm for the game to draw the best out of youth baseball players at all skills levels.  As a lifelong teacher and learner, Coach Grossman has always committed himself to sharing knowledge with other adult volunteers to help create even wider webs of quality baseball instructors to support our youth programs. The coachingyouthbaseball.com website is just one more example of Coach Grossmans commitment to teaching and sharing the art of coaching youth baseball.  The website contains just the right balance of instructional skills information and coaching wisdom, honed from many years of experience, to help any youth baseball coach get off to a great start.  This website will be on my favorites list!”

— Jeffrey Thomas, Former President – Reston Little League

“As a parent, assistant coach and longtime Little League Umpire I can’t say enough about Dave Grossman’s abilities as a Little League Coach. I have watched him grow as a coach from an enthusiastic volunteer with little experience to one of the best managers in Virginia Little League. I have umpired at three state tournaments and 10 years at the local level. I have seen a lot of bad managers and coaches and a few good ones. The exceptional ones are very rare. They can motivate players to achieve beyond even their parents’ expectations.

Dave is one of the rare few who can coax the best out of the average players and take advantage of the talented players without turning them into prima donnas. The techniques he uses to run practices make them fun for the kids and the parent coaches like me! The way he runs games builds confidence in his players and creates a winning attitude for the team. As an umpire I also greatly enjoyed working games for his teams. They never complained or blamed the umpires for bad breaks. That attitude comes straight from the coach! Always positive and respectful makes it easy for an umpire. If he shares 10% of what he knows with new coaches they will outperform their competition and the kids will have fun too. I highly recommend you check out all he has to offer — you will not regret it! ”

–Jim Williams, State Tournament Umpire and Coach

“Coach Grossman is a very skilled, very knowledgeable teacher of the game of baseball to Little League-age kids. My son (who went on to be a very successful player and leader on his high school baseball team in Virginia) traces much of his love of the game — and the foundations on which he built his success as a player — back to the time that he spent under Coach Grossman’s instruction. Coach is all about helping kids learn the right way to play as individuals and as a team, and he rightly stresses helping kids identify areas of potential improvement in fundamental skills and improve areas of weakness in their game. We had lots of experiences with coaches in my son’s 13 years of baseball so far (some great, some awful, and most somewhere in between). My son’s learning experience with Coach Grossman is definitely in the “great” category, and much of that can be attributed to Coach’s approach to teaching the game.”

— Clay M., Parent on the 2006 AAA Cardinals, 2007 10-11 All Stars

“Even before he had his own kids in baseball, Coach Grossman was committed to the game and the kids, and so hardworking that the kids learned to follow your example. As you know, we were involved in little league for about eight years, and our boys were truly blessed to have played for Coach Grossman. He teaches the kids to work hard to get what they want, and he teaches the fine points of the baseball performance and strategy without getting burdened in talk. He teaches players to take the game and themselves seriously but keep the fun, laughter, and import of the game and the moment in perspective! As parents, we always felt involved, and that our kids were being mentored by a terrific man with great values and a fabulous sense of humor. Thanks for all you did to help our boys learn to love the game! Both of my boys are playing high school baseball next year, and become more passionate about the game with every passing year, thanks in great part to the great start from Coach Grossman.”

— Katie G.  Parent of Players on AAA 2006 Cardinals, AAA 2007 Indians, 2010 Majors All-Stars, 2010 Reston Warriors

“Coach Grossman’s information comes from years of running practices and games, and shows great insights into how young players absorb instruction and improve.   This site is a great resource for tips to practice smart, with heart!”

— Larry Neves Coach of 2013 A-Ball Red Sox

“I spent years trying to find a resource dedicated to new coaches and now I’ve found it!  This site is perfect for dads new to coaching Little League baseball.”

— Doug Bushée.  New Coach Spring 2009, AAA Champion Coach Spring 2013.  Vice-President Reston Little League.

“My son Jaime’s first experience playing baseball was under the enthusiastic and nurturing care of Coach Grossman. As I watched my son’s first out-of-the-park home run the other day and considered how for he has come as a player over the course of just two and a half seasons, I reflected on how lucky he was to have had such a strong foundation in skills development from the outset.  Coach Grossman’s strategy for training young players included both discipline and fun, from pitching and batting stations to scrimmages to player recognition for achievements and effort.  And there isn’t a game where Jaime isn’t seen repeating “creep, creep, show” when he’s fielding!  We sure miss having Coach Grossman around, but hope that aspiring baseball players on the other side of the Atlantic are enjoying his excellent training!”

— Anne-Lise Quinn, Parent (AA Cardinals, 2012

“Coach Grossman created a team environment but worked with each child, was able to look at their strengths and build upon them. My son was able to see the fundamental lesions learned in youth sports and bring that to his other sports. My son’s confident increased in soccer that season and when I asked my son why he seemed to improve so much in soccer that season my son’s reply ‘Coach Grossman talk me to believe in myself, try my hardest and to just have fun.”

— Megan Burnett

“Our son, Ryan, loved playing for Coach Grossman!  He is passionate about the game and his players.  He knows how to run an organized, fundamentals-based practice while keeping the players motivated and having fun.  He maximizes coach, parent, and player involvement, maximizing reps and focusing on the basics.  He has high standards and the players respond.  He inspires a love of the game that Ryan will take with him in the years to come.”

— Thad Bibb

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