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For Tee-Ball Coaches: Teach the basics and make sure they have fun.


For Minors Coaches: Develop skills started in Tee-Ball, and keep the fun.


For Majors Coaches: Practice quality repetitions & enjoying the game.

Each Quick Start Guide has vital info you need to get your season started: initial e-mail to the parents, goals for the season, tips on practice, and tips for game management.

Success is Kids Wanting to Play Again


While you might have your own goals for your coaching, I’d also like to suggest one: the player should have so much fun and learn so much that they want to play next year.

This won’t happen if the kid never gets a hit, sits around on a team where no one throws a strike, or if he/she only plays in the outfield.

These are things that are often done to players who are less athletic. All it does is make them not play the next year.

Remember that kids develop at different rates. Don’t try to predict long-term success in a given sport for a child at the age of 8.

However, DO try to make it fun for them so that if their body grows into it and they learn the game, they’ll still be playing at that point.

— David Grossman, CoachingYouthBaseball.com

I have spent a number of hours talking baseball with Coach Grossman and discussing many of the drills in this book.

Coach Grossman’s book will go a long way in helping players of all ages to become more fundamentally sound in every aspect of the game of baseball.

This book is a must have for any Coach or parent looking to make players or child better.

Coach Mark “Pudge” Gjormand

Head Coach, Madison High School Warhawks

In regards to youth baseball, Coach Grossman is THE most passionate person I have ever met.  I have spent many seasons coaching with him as well as against him.  His primary goal, first and foremost, has always been to help his players learn to love the game of baseball.  He successfully accomplishes this by improving their skills through the use of a number of fun, exciting, often unique and sometimes quirky drills.  He loves youth baseball more than anyone I know!
Coach Jeff Grammes

Head Coach, 2011 Virginia State Little League Champions

I have been David Grossman’s Assistant coach since 1999 we have won a lot and lost a few, but his enthusiasm for the game and teaching young players has never wavered.  Dave is a lifelong teacher from college down to kindergarten (T-Ball players) and he always finds a way to communicate with his players.  If they do not understand a concept he will find another way to teach it.

As his assistant I learned a lot about baseball that I never knew as a young lad playing the game.  I have gone on to be the head coach of AAA teams and a Manager of a 9-10 All-Star team All because David Grossman showed me that I could do it too.  After reading David’s book you too will be able to teach youth baseball and have fun doing it.

James L. Goldstein

Manager, Coach, Asst. Coach, All levels of Little League Baseball

Coach Grossman truly understands youth baseball and is able to communicate the right mix of baseball skills instruction and enthusiasm for the game to draw the best out of youth baseball players at all skills levels.  As a lifelong teacher and learner, Coach Grossman has always committed himself to sharing knowledge with other adult volunteers to help create even wider webs of quality baseball instructors to support our youth programs.

The coachingyouthbaseball.com website is just one more example of Coach Grossmans commitment to teaching and sharing the art of coaching youth baseball.  The website contains just the right balance of instructional skills information and coaching wisdom, honed from many years of experience, to help any youth baseball coach get off to a great start.  This website will be on my favorites list!

Jeffrey Thomas

Former President, Reston Little League