About Coach Allen

Hi!  I’m Paul Allen.  It is a pleasure to meet you.

Like Coach Grossman, I have been a lifelong fan of baseball.  To me, there is no better game in the world.  That is especially true of youth baseball, where kids have the opportunity to gain new skills, have fun and learn lessons about teamwork, individual responsibility and overcoming failure.

I have been involved in youth sports since 2002, when our oldest child, Rachel, began playing softball.  Her brothers, Matthew and Michael, followed and are still playing Little League baseball.  During that time, I have coached teams at all levels from blastball to majors; served in several Board positions (league commissioner, secretary, outreach to new families and managing sponsors); and organized and managed multiple tournaments for our travel teams.  I have been impressed with the efforts of the volunteers who give their time to the league to help make it a success.

Coach Grossman and I developed Coaching Youth Baseball to be a resource to those volunteers, especially new coaches who may need guidance in managing a team of 5-year olds for the first time.  We think our book can make the process more enjoyable for all, and–most important–keep the kids coming back for several seasons to come.

I am fortunate to be involved in an effort like Coaching Youth Baseball.  It brings together my passion for baseball, teaching (I have taught courses at the doctoral level in universities all the way through first grade) and building businesses (where I have been involved with four successful start-ups in the last 15 years).

I am also deeply blessed to have a wonderful and supportive family.  In addition to our three marvelous children (Rachel, Matthew and Michael), my beautiful wife (Denise) gives me support and motivation every day.  Denise also contributed several of the pictures in our book and donates her time to various league baseball functions every year.

We hope you enjoy the book and the website.  We look forward to hearing from you.

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