Dateline: 14 May 2011

Location: Ring Road Field

On an overcast day the Cardinals continued their road trip by taking on the Giants. The number three is very significant in baseball, 3 X 3 equals the numbers of players on the field, three strikes and your out, three outs in an inning and today three would be important to the Cardinals.

In inning one the Cards bats were hot. Logan hit off the machine and was safe, followed by Matt and Merritt, Michael hit a shot up the first base line and was tagged out however he got the RBI. Mitchell and Nick also hit safely and got RBIs, Olivia hit off the Machine and William closed out the top half with a Hit RBI.

In the bottom of the inning the Giants loaded the bases and then hit a shot to the Pitcher, Michael, who threw the ball to Nick behind the plate for out one. The Giants score two however the next two batters hit the ball to Michael who threw them home to Nick for the other two outs.

Second inning all hitters Ishaan through Mitchell hit safely and the Cards scored three, then Nick came up to bat and hit one the Giants shortstop who made a great play to second on a Fielders choice, however the fourth run scored.

In the bottom of the second, after a few miscues and plays that did not develop, the Giants scored one. With bases loaded and no outs, the batter popped up to Nick on the mound, out one, Nick alertly turned to first and threw to Michael, out two, and Michael then turned and threw to Mitchell who alertly covered second from his centerfield position. Mitchell was waiting on second for out three. For those keeping score at home it went 1-3-8. That’s right folks you read it here in the Cardinals third game they pulled off the elusive triple play, and there is that number three again.

In the top of the third Olivia lead off and she hit a soft toss down the first base line, however she turned on the afterburners and beat it out. Once again everyone hit safely from Olivia to Merritt. This included a huge double by Ishaan and anther hit off the machine by Logan, then Michael hit to second base for a fielders choice, but again the run scored giving the Cards another 4.

In the bottom half of the inning the Giants second batter hit one to Matt on the mound and he turned to fire to second, Ishaan the centerfielder alertly covered for out one. The next batter hit a fly to Ishaan in center field where he scooped it up and dashed to second for out two. The final out came on a grounder back to the mound where Matt made the play and tossed to Mitchell at first.

In the top of the fourth Mitchell lead off with a single, followed by Nick, Olivia, William. Ishaan hit into a fielder’s choice, then Logan singled followed by Matt and then Merritt hit into a fielders choice, but again the four runs were scored. In the bottom half of the inning the Giants scored one and the Cardinals made 3 outs, first a hit down the first baseline to Mitchell for unassisted out one. The next two outs were classic 1-3, Merritt with a nice throw to first.

Everyone hit nicely. The hitting stats were:

Ishaan 3 for 4 all off the machine
Logan 4 for 4 two machine two soft toss
Matt 4 for 4 all off machine
Merritt 4 for 4 three off the machine, one tee
Michael 2 for 4 with a Fielder’s Choice
Mitchell 3 for 3 two off the machine one tee
Nick 2 for 3 two off the Machine one tee one Fielders Choice
Olivia 3 for 3 two off the machine one soft toss
William 3 for 3 two off the machine one soft toss

This reporter cornered Coach Goldstein for a comment, this is what he had to say, “The team looked sharp today, every one hitting off the machine, I wouldn’t be surprised if we could throw the tee away during games by mid season. I feel sad that Manager Grossman could not have been here to see this 3 outs per inning outing and the second inning triple play, he would have had a heart attack.” Coach Grossman was reached briefly as he was scouting young talent playing along the Cheseapeake Bay area for his upcoming fall campaign. He said, “All these years and I’ve never had a team turn a triple play. Its a real tribute to the fine progress of our team along with outstanding coaching from Coach Goldstein and Coach Allen. I’m looking forward to our big game under the lights.”

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