Dateline: Fox Mill 1

This reporter notes that he missed the deadline on this report and its now several months after the game. He remembers the final score, the fact that Matt and Alec pitched well and that it was a nice day to end the season. In retrospect, many of the Reston Royals went on to have a great Spring majors season. Cam blasted a grand slam home run. Nihal and Robbie made the 11-12 National all-star team, Eric was the key pitcher on the 11-12 American all-star team, Matt and Justin made the 9-10 all star team and Justin hit a home run in the all-star tournament. Spensor made the 10-11 all star team. Danny, Jordyn, Ryan, Nick had successful inaugural majors campaigns.

Coach Grossman said, “It was my one first time as a head coach in the majors and I thoroughly enjoyed it. This was a great group of kids to work with.”

This reporter notes that Coach Grossman went on to be an assistant on the Dodgers in the Majors in the Spring and he was the head coach of the 9-10 team that went 3-2 in the all-star tournament with an exciting win over Vienna American.

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