Dateline: Browns Chapel

On a truly perfect early summer day at Browns Chapel the Reds took the field against the Cards. It was the final game of a three game set in which the Reds lost the first game 12-10 and had a wider margin of defeat in game 2. Unfortunately, today was not to be a great day for the Reds. Despite a number of innings in which the Reds had two outs on the Cards before they had scored at all, they consistently managed two out hits which resulted in four runs an inning for the first four innings. The Reds just couldn’t get their offense untracked and the game ended with a lopsided score of 24-4. This reporter lost his notes for the game so this limited summary is all that is available at the present time.

Coach Grossman was available briefly as he began preparations for the Reds final week of the season. “I think our guys just got down early and lost some confidence. Our pitchers really didn’t give up many hits — the Cards only had seven hits on the day. Unfortunately we gave up 18 walks of which 17 of those runners ended up scoring. I think if we cut down on our walks we’ll be fine next week. Offensively, we only walked six times which suggests that our hitters could certainly improve their selectivity at the plate. We’ll talk about that before the next game and it wouldn’t surprise me if we do pretty well next week. We play the Cubs, Pirates and Indians. The Cubs game will be interesting as they are doing well of late and they will be looking to avenge their previous loss to us. I think that if everyone comes in very focused for the games next week, we’ll recover from this, do well next week, and who knows, we might even surprise some people in the playoffs.”

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