Dateline: Running Cedar

The Red Sox were the home team on a beautiful Spring afternoon as they took the field. Three players were away for Spring break, but the team still had nine on the field. Garrett strolled to the mound in the top of the first and held the Astros to only a run. In the bottom of the first, Garrett and Michael S. walked. Ben was jammed on an inside pitch but fought it off for a slow roller to third. The Astros misplayed the ball and the Red Sox scored three. After one, it was Sox 3 Astros 1.

In the second Michael F. came to the mound and gave up an infield single and three walks. He settled down and struck out the side to hold the Astros to two runs. In the bottom half of the inning six walks resulted in four Sox runs scored by Justin, Jack, Garrett, and Michael S. After two it was Sox 7 Astros 3. Michael F. started off the third nicely with two quick strikeouts, but the Astros hung around for some walks and were extremely fortunate to score two more runs. The Sox added to their lead with four more runs scored by Justin, Jack, Jared, and Garrett. After three it was Sox 11 Astros 5.

In the top of the fourth Matt came on and three some nice heat. He quiickly sturck out the first two batters he faced. A dribbler between first and second that went for an infield hit started a two out Astro rally. Five walks later and the score was 11-9 and the Sox fans held their breath. Matt settled down and got the next batter to hit a soft hopper back to the mound and the inning was over. Just for fun, the Sox batted in the last half of the fourth and Matt scored a final run for the Red Sox. The game ended with the Sox ahead 12-9.

Coach Grossman immediately began preparations for the season opener on Wednesday, but was available for a very brief post game interview. “Our pitchers looked pretty good. Our hitters didn’t get too many strikes to hit, but they are certainly looking good in practice. We have to work on being ready in the field even when its kind of boring when a lot of walks are happening. Thats an important part of baseball and I am sure we will improve in this area. Being prepared when a ball is thrown is one of the most important things a player can do and we have to work on being in ready position every time a pitch is thrown. Trying to get to a ball at the last minute is not easy to do. Overall, I have really enjoyed working with our team through the preseason and I think we’ll be ready for the season opener. “

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