In a slightly chilly evening, the Rattlers lined up against the feared Bees. It was a night to remember as two players chased balls they hit, but other than that everyone did just fine and a big time was had by all. The field looked great and the concession stand was run expertly.

Joseph smashed a ball to the pitcher and beat the throw to first where he adroitly signalled SAFE as he arrived at first. Sid and Saul had some great hits. Ainsley, Mariella, Ben, Omar all were very alert in the field and had some great hits. Christina did a wonderful job throughout the game as she showed some fine speed moving betwen the bases. The Rattlers even made an out in the field.

Coach Grossman said, “This is an awfully mature T-ball team and I’m just enjoying every day I work with them. The players that chased those balls were great as its always good to learn the lesson that you can always be suprised on a baseball field. Our players have a great attitude and I hope I get to see them on Reston fields for many years to come. All I’m after this season is to work towards instilling a passion for the game and to teach a few fundamentals and I really have seen improvement already. Special thanks goes to a very fine group of parents as well. “

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