Running Cedar brought back fond memories for Coach Grossman of some great playoff games. A thriller against the Yankees in ’02, another crucial game over the Astro’s in ’06 …. anyway it was a beautiful day at the field as we reminisced about the early days of Coach Grossman’s career. He said, “whatever, that was all in the past, I’m looking forward to seeing my Rattlers take the field today. They are looking sharp.”

The Rattlers had a great day at the field on a beautiful late Spring afternoon. Pictures were taken quite nicely and the game started. Cid took two grounders at the mound and raced home to get a runner at the plate. Everyone hit the ball well and the team very rarely played with the dirt.

Coach Grossman said, “After all the rain, it was wonderful to have a beautiful day at the field. We had a great practice yesterday and the photographer commented to me on what a well behaved T-ball team this is. I couldn’t agree more.” After the game, the team munched happily on popsicle snacks. In response to Coach Grossman’s unbiased independent survey of “WHO LOVES POPSICLES??” everyone raised their hand.

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