Dateline: Fox Mill 2

On a pleasant fall evening, the Rangers took the field following their heartbreaking loss earlier in the week. Juan led off with a sharp double to left and moved to third quickly scoring on a wild pitch. Before the fans settled in, the Rangers led. Erick walked, Andy singled and John walked. Max walked to score Erick and Andy scored on a wild pitch. Tommy S. hit a sharp single to score John and when the dust cleared the Rangers led 4-0. Tommy went to the mound and gave up two singles, but settled down to strike out two and he caught a line drive back to the mound.

In the second, the Rangers continued their offensive barrage. Gabriel walked, Christian grounded out to move Gabriel to second, then he quickly advanced to third. Then scored on two wild pitches. Spencer walked, Joe walked, Robert walked to load the bases. Spencer and Joe scored on a wild pitch. Juan hit a big RBI single to left to score Robert. The Rangers now had a commanding 8-0 lead. Tommy struck out the side to quickly shut down the Padres.

In the third, the Rangers padded their lead. Erick walked, Bryon singled and Andy walked to load the bases. Tommy S. got a big RBI single to score Erick. John walked to score Bryon, Max walked to score Andy and Tommy H. drilled a shot to short for his second hit of the day to score Tommy S. The Padres finally got on the scoreboard in the third as Erick looked good, but had some control problems. He walked the bases loaded and the Rangers misplayed a grounder to short to score two runs. Erick settled down and induced the next batter to groundout back to the mound but a run scored. He struck out the next batter, but alas a fourth run scored on a wild pitch. After three it was 12-4 Rangers.

The Rangers scored four more in the fourth with leadoff walks to Gabriel, Christian, and Spencer to load the bases. A walk to Joe scored Gabriel, a walk to Robert scored Christian, a walk to Juan scored Spencer. Bryon singled for a big RBI to score Joe for the fourth run of the inning. In the bottom of the fourth, Bryon came in for his inaugural outing of the season. He had some initial control problems as he walked the first four batters. He settled down and got two strikeouts and induced a grounder to the mound where he chased down the ball and fired to first to end the game. Final Score: Rangers 16 Padres 7.

Coach Grossman was very pleased after the game. “Well, anytime you go out and score 16 runs – well I’m not a Math professor, but I can tell you that’ll probably be sufficient offense to win the game. I like how Bryon looked on the mound – I think he’ll be a valuable addition to our pitching rotation and I really like how John, Juan and Spencer are progressing behind the plate.” Coach Goldstein said, “Our guys looked sharp and I am sure we’ll have a great practice this weekend and be ready for the games next week.”

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