On a crisp Autumn morning (the temperature at game time 40 degrees Fahrenheit), the Rangers took the field for their last home game According to the gate count, it was a sellout with standing room only.

Tommy Schmitt the starting pitcher quickly went to work and shut down the Padres’, always dangerous offense. The Rangers doing a thing never before seen in this reporters experience, reversed their batting order. It was a strange idea, but in retrospect, it seems to be a great idea. Tommy Hall got on via a walk and Michael smashed one past the shortstop to score Tommy and a smash, two batters later by Max sent Michael in to score. After one it was Rangers 2 Padres 0.

In the top of the 2nd Erick Emelio took over on the mound. After walking one he struck out the next two. The third batter walked and then the next batter hit a dribbler into no man’s land in front of first, and beat the first baseman to the bag. Erick then struck out the side but not before a run scored. The Rangers went down swinging. After two, it was Rangers 2 Padres 1.

Bryon now took to the hill. He had some control problems but did strike out one, but the Padres were able to score four. Andy came to the plate and smashed a shot back to the pitcher. It ricocheted off the pitchers ankle over to second, where the second baseman alertly fielded it and made the throw to first for the out. Bryon was walked, followed by Juan. The next two struck out but not before Bryon moved to third and then home on wild pitches After three the score was now Rangers 3 Padres 5.

Next to the mound was Max Heinemann. He struck out three and walked two. The Padres were able to slip another run in on a wild pitch. Michael led off the Rangers half of the inning with a smash over the third baseman’s head and when the dust settled Michael was standing on third. Next Christian smashed one past the shortstop to score Michael. Max hit a shot to third to move Christian to second. After a steal, Christian was primed to take home. And on the next wild pitch Coach Goldstein did just that, but the umpire called Christian out at home. And that was the end of scoring for the inning. Rangers 4, Padres 6.

For the final inning Andy Galloway took the mound. He struck out one, the next batter hit another one of those dribblers into no man’s land in front of first which allowed the batter to arrive safely. Andy struck out the next and walked the fourth. After a wild pitch the runner advanced to third. And after another wild pitch he went for home. John and Andy made a try but the runner slid under the tag. As Andy went back to the mound he noticed that the runner on first, was not ON first. Andy ran to the runner and tagged him with the ball for out three. John Dyke led off the 5th with a shot to the first baseman who handled it by himself. Tommy then smacked one over the third baseman’s head followed by Andy smashing a double over the second baseman’s head, scoring Tommy. Andy was able to advance to third and home on wild pitches for another score. With only 1 run to tie and 2 to win, the next two Rangers struck out. The final Rangers 6 Padres 7.

Coach Goldstein gave this report a short interview.
This Reporter: “What happened out there Coach?”
CG: “If we had a little more time I believe we would have finished the comeback but the clock was against us. Its always tough to come out with a win in this league and all the credit in the world should go to the Padres. They played a great game.”

Coach Grossman in a very brief telephone interview to his remote location that is kept secret for obvious reasons pertaining to scouting said, “This has been a great fall season. I’ve really enjoyed working with our players and I hope to get as many of them as possible next Spring. Have a great offseason and we’ll see you all in the Spring. Special thanks goes to Coach Goldstein and Coach Galloway and all the other assistants for their help – we couldn’t do it without them.”

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