Dateline: Running Cedar

On a truly perfect fall morning the Rangers took the field for the first time against the Jays. Tommy S. started the game on the mound for the Rangers and made things a little exciting by loading the bases with two outs. He settled down and struck out the last batter. The Rangers came up to the plate and Juan led off with a line drive double to left. Erick followed with a walk, Bryon beat out an infield hit and picked up an RBI. Andy drilled a shot to center to score Erick. Bryon scored from third by alertly running home on an errant throw by the catcher back to the mound. After one it was Rangers 3 Jays 0.

Tommy S. continued to make things exciting in the second by walked the bases loaded with no outs. A groundout to Tommy H at first scored one run and put runners on third and second. A grounder back to the mound was played nicely by Tommy S who calmly and correctly gave up the run and threw to first. The last batter struck out. The Rangers padded their lead in the second with a leadoff walk to Tommy H, a line drive single by Michael, and a walk to Christian to load the bases. Spencer walked to score Tommy H. and Joe picked up a nice infield single to score Michael. Christian and Spencer scored on wild pitches. After two it was Ranger 7 Jays 2.

Max went to the mound in the third. A single followed by a walk put runners on first and second. Max settled down and through heat past the next two batters for two quick strikeouts. The next batter walked to load the bases. A single to left scored two runs. With the Jays closing in on the lead, they took a risk and tried to score on a wild pitch. Michael was catching. He quickly got to the ball and made a nice toss to Max who covered home and deftly applied the tag for out three. Rangers fans rejoiced. Rangers bats were quiet so after three it was Rangers 7 Jays 4.

Bryon came on in the fourth and looked sharp. The first batter walked, the next batter struck out and then another walk followed. Bryon settled down and struck out the next batter for out two, but a wild pitch sent the runner to third. The Jays manager thought lightening couldn’t strike twice and sent the runner home on a wild pitch. This time Spencer was at catcher and he calmly flipped to Bryon who again applied the tag for out three. Rangers fans again rejoiced. The Rangers extended their lead with six consecutive walks in the fourth to Tommy S., John, Gabriel, Max, Tommy H. and Michael. Tommy S., John, Gabriel and Max all scored. After four it was Rangers 11 Jays 4.

Andy pitched the fifth and made pitching look easy. He struck out the first two batters, gave up an infield single and settled down to struck out his third batter of the game. The game ended due to time constraints.

Coach Grossman, with a game coming up on Tuesday was only able to give an extremely hurried comment, “Well, we’ve now seen all the teams in the league and so far things have gone well for us. I am sure every one of these teams will be looking for us the next time around so we’ll have to be even more prepared. Our bats are really starting to come alive and I’m looking forward to a game when everyone gets a hit.” Coach Goldstein said “This was a game where all of our practice really paid off. We had two outs on wild pitches and I just can’t thank our catchers enough for all of their hard work, Juan, Michael, Spencer, and John are looking very impressive behind the plate.”

The Rangers play the Rays for the third and final time on Tuesday. Each team has won a game, so only a few tickets remain available for this exciting third match.

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