Dateline: Browns Chapel

The Cards played what amounted to be a tune up game for the Starliper against the Pirates here at Browns Chapel. This reporter will spare many of the details as the Cards went with a sequence of young pitchers that certainly performed well, but the Pirates did rack up some runs. Of note, Keegan had a great first outing of the year and threw several nice strikes. Daron also had his debut and he showed a lot of potential. The Cards fell behind 10-1 but battled back in the fifth and sixth to put a man on third only down by a run. The Pirates were able to hold off the attack and come away with a win.

Coach Grossman said, “Well its always tough to take a loss, but I’m proud of how our guys battled back. We needed to start grooming our young pitchers for the Starliper and we were fortunate enough to have clinched the Starliper berth that we could do this during a live game.”

Coach Goldstein said, “A great comeback, you can bet we’ll be ready for the Reds on Saturday. I know Coach Grossman will be out of town so I’ll just go out on the limb and predict a big win for the Cards right now.”

The Cards close out their regular season against the reds on Saturday at Fox Mill 1.

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