Dateline:  Crabtree Field Blue

It was a slightly chilly evening and the Orioles started their playoff run.  After securing the #3 seed they were ready to see how deep they could go into the playoffs.  Alas, it was not to be.  After Michael pitched two strong innings it was 2-2 after two.  Krish came on and had some control problems.  Sol game on with bases loaded and no outs and the  hitter drilled a long shot to left field.  Joseph almost got to it, but it landed over his head and four runs scored.  The wheels came off and this reporter was not able to take clear notes of the game. [Editors Note:  This is what always tires us about our team reporters.  Why oh why can’t they ever keep track of their notes.]  The game ended 12-2 Phillies.

Coach Grossman said, “Well it has been a great season and we certainly made a lot of progress.  I thought we might win this game, but that’s the fun part about baseball — you never know what is going to happen next.  We had a lot of great kids and I’ll look forward to seeing them in the Spring.”


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