Dateline: Hook Road 2

The A’s played their first home game here at Hook road and it started off as a real pitchers duel. Matthew quickly shut down the O’s in the first and the A’s pounced on the O’s with a quick run on a nice single by Mitchell, a long single by Drew and a couple of walks.

In the second Matthew held the O’s to only a run to tie the game 1-1 but the A’s quickly regained the lead with a single by Donny who came around to score. It was 2-1 A’s after two.

The O’s bats came alive in the third as (despite some nice pitching by Drew) the O’s scored four runs to bring the score to 5-2. The O’s then brought in a great pitcher who held the A’s in the third and suddenly things began looking a little tough for the A’s.

However, Alyssa came to the mound in the 4th and she pitched brilliantly with only a few pitches she shut down the O’s on two strikeouts in the inning and just one walk. Unfortunately, the A’s bats remained quiet and after 4 it was still a thriller at 5-2. 

The O’s then enhanced their lead with four runs on some fortunate hitting in the fifth and then they brough in their closer who clearly was sent down from AAA for a little bit of seasoning. Alyssa continued on valiantly and held the O’s to only two in the top of the sixth. The A’s then had a final shot in the bottom half of the sixth and after s long double by Matthew and a single by Alyssa, the A’s crowd had something to cheer for. Unfortunately, the closer held on and the game ended 11-3.

Coach Grossman was extremely busy as he began immediate preparations for Game 3 against the Braves but we were able to find him briefly. “I was proud of how our guys kept trying the whole game. The O’s have a lot of pitching. Remember, we were right with them through four innings — they are a good team but we’ll have more chances to play them…you can’t win ’em all. I was very happy with Donny’s fielding with a nice catch at third and Pierce made a nice play on a sharp grounder to second. I’m looking forward to Saturday’s game.”

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