Playing on consecutive days, the Nats took the field against the Cubs. It looked to be a great game as the Cubs were one game behind the Nats with one game to play in the season. If the Cubs won the game, they would secure first place by virtue of head to head competition (earlier in the season the Cubs secured a win and a tie against the Nats).

Alex got the start for the Nats, but he had some control problems. After an initial strikeout, he walked the next three to load the bases. Another strikeout and there were two outs. A fourth walk scored a run. The next batter grounded back to the mound, Alex threw home and the throw was just slightly out of Hunter’s reach and the run scored. The next batter walked to score another run. Alex settled down to strike out the next batter. The Cubs started their big pitcher who had previously notched a win over the Nats. He struck out the leadoff man, but Luke drew a walk. He then struck out the third batter. With two outs Marek singled, Ely singled to load the bases. Isaac fouled off a pitch and worked a walk for an RBI to score Luke. The Cubs started settled down and got a strikeout to end the first. After one it was Cub 3 Nationals 1.

In the top of the second, Alex returned to the mound and gave up a single and a walk but struck out three. Bottom of the second and with one out Joseph drew a walk and Hunter singled but the Cubs pitcher settled down and got a strikeout to end the inning. After two it was Cubs 3 Nats 1.

Top of the third and Marek came on and was untouchable. He quickly struck out three batters on eleven pitches. Bottom of the third and the Nats needed some runs. Alex led off with a single. Marek singled and Ely walked. With the bases loaded and no outs, the Cubs pitcher got a strikeout. Tommy walked to score a Alex. The next batter struck out. Two outs, Joseph at the plate, Nats down a run. He gets walked and the game is tied as Marek scores. Logan walked for a the go-ahead run as Ely scored. Hunter singled on a high fastball to score Tommy. After three it was Nats 5 Cubs 3. In the fourth, the lead off batter grounded back to Marek who threw to first where Ely made the catch for out one. Marek then struck out the next two to end a flawless relief outing. Final Score Nats 5 Cubs 3.

Coach Grossman said, “This was a great game. We will probably see more of these Cubs so its certainly great to show we can hit their best pitcher. Alex did a good job of settling down after a rocky first inning and Marek had a fantastic day at the plate and on the mound.”

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