As we continue our philosophical blogs — happens a lot when a real season isn’t going on.   Our youth baseball season in Northern VA is in the state tournament now but for everyone else it's not much until the fall. I am running some practices to get some good pictures for this website so stay tuned. 

But alas, I had dinner with my Aunt today and she asked if I was still coaching and I said yes and she said, “your grandfather would be so proud.” 

Made me think for a little bit — what do I do with that?  My grandfather died suddenly when I was in high school.  He taught me a little baseball and played catch a few times, but he certainly can’t be said to have been the guy to really inspire me to like baseball.  Am I happy he’d be proud? -- sure.  Would he be proud? -- I suspect so -- I mean once you are a parent you realize that your kids can do a lot of stuff to make you proud. 

Also as I was picking out a photo for this blog I ran across some pics of old gloves.  I do remember my grandfather had some very old gloves.  As I recall he had an old first baseman’s mitt and I wish I could talk to him about that as I played first quite a bit in softball.  Also the pic has trophies and if one thing is clear to me after coaching for a long time is that you just don’t do it for the trophies.  I kept the picture though as I think it sort of says it all. 

Well I’m happy that my Aunt is happy so that's all good — but I promise you, gentle reader, I’d be coaching right now even if it made absolutely no one proud.  If COVID taught me anything its that I LOVE COACHING BASEBALL and I REALLY MISSED not coaching. 

So there — just had to share. 
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