Dateline: Reston North 2 (formerly North Point)

The Ironbirds closed out their regular season against the Storm. All went according to play. It was a great day for baseball and unfortunately, this reporter missed the reporting deadline by a few months so his copious notes have been misplaced. He remembers it was a great game for all involved and everyone enjoyed their swan song in T-ball. Scouts from single-A have signed several Ironbirds to lucrative agreements to play in single-A and Coach Grossman is rumored to be very close to a deal with the single-A Brewers. If so, Ironbirds fans can expect Coach Grossman to obtain almost all of these Ironbirds.

Coach Grossman said “Well you know I can’t comment on the whole Brewers thing, but I certainly have to say that Ironbirds management has been very understanding as I have gone through this process. I couldn’t ask to work for a finer organization.”

Editors Note: The Ironbirds were invited to play a special exhibition game at the picnic and everyone on the team performed quite admirably as they played on the big field one last time. The Ironbirds reporter has been chastised for losing his notes to this two crucial games.

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