Dateline: Reston North 1 (formerly North Point)

The Ironbirds took the field on a very warm Spring afternoon. The first batter for the Rockhounds dug in at the plate. He hit a sharp ground ball back to the mound, Matthew scooped it up, set his feet and tossed the ball over to Mitchell at first. One batter up, one out. Ironbirds fans rejoiced.

After that, the tone was set and the Ironbirds played well in the field. Of note was a key play in the field when Mitchell got a ball on the mound and he fired home to Matthew fr another out. Ironbird bats were alive throughout the game as everyone was safe and there were plenty of hits to the outfield.

Coach Grossman was briefly available and said, “These Ironbirds are looking sharp as we are hitting our midseason stride. We’ll be ready for those bats next week.”

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