Dateline: Reston North 2 (formerly North Point)

The Ironbirds took the field on a very warm Spring afternoon after a long week of rain. The lineup was decimated by planned absences and only six Ironbirds took the field. Coach Grossman had activitated the young Ironbird prospect Joseph and called him up from the Ironbirds minor league affiliate just moments prior to gametime. Joseph was able to arrive and dress for the game, but the coaching staff decided to only use him in as a reserve. The Ironbirds are known to have a very deep farm system.

In the top of the first, Scott led off with a key hit to the pitcher. Marcus, Mert, Trenton, Zack and Isaac all followed with infield hits and no runners were out. In the bottom of the first, the Ironbirds played some tough defense and came close to making some outs. Everyone looked quite alert since the infielders knew there was no outfield to back them up.

In the top of the second, Ironbird bats continued to look sharp. Scott led off with hard short to right that rolled to the grass. After an infield hit, Mert drilled a shot to right that also rolled to the grass. Mert happily raced to first. Trenton and Marcus followed with hits and Isaac hit a shot back to the mound that skipped past the pitcher and rolled past second base. Afterwards, this reporter asked asked him how far he hit it and he said, “I didn’t see it, I was running to first.”

In the bottom of the second with the bases loaded, Zack on the mound and Scott behind the plate, the Ironbirds made a key play. A hard grounder was hit to Zacks left. He moved quickly to his left, planted his feet and fired home. It was a great throw low throw. Scott caught it on one bounce and quickly touched the plate just an instant before the runner scored. Coach Goldstein, acting as the de facto umpire signalled OUT and the Ironbirds celebrated a great defensive play.

In the third it was all Ironbirds as they continued the offensive barrage. Everyone reached base safely. After the bottom of the third, the Ironbirds celebrated another great game.

Coach Grossman was briefly available and said, “Well, we had a tough week with all these rainouts and we certainly were missing some key players, but I really like how our team is starting to really think about what base to throw the ball and what is the right play to make. Our throwing is improving and we are just going to keep working on the hitting as I know our whole team is capable of hitting it to the outfield every time. “

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