Dateline: North Point 2

The Spring 2009 T-ball Ironbirds opened their season after a fine parade. This reporter certainly likes the prospects for this young squad with seven returning players from the fall: Matthew, Mitchell, Olivia, Zack, Marcus, Scott and Isaac. New recruits Mert and Trenton certainly add some depth to an already strong lineup.

The team looked much improved as they made plays on several ground balls and almost got some outs. Everyone hit the ball quite nicely.

This reporter thinks a couple of outs were nicely recorded on defense, but he has, in a rare show of unprofessionalism, misplaced his detailed game notes.

Overall, it was a great day and a good two innings of T-ball. The Ironbirds happily ate their snack while Coach Grossman chatted with reporters. He said, “I am just so happy to be coaching this team. With seven familiar with the system and a fantastic set of assistant coaches I think we are going to have a great season.”

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