Dateline: 6 June 2009

On a day that threatened storms, the Ironebirds flew into the Tropical Islands to face the vaunted Volcanos.

As with any D-Day invasion, the Ironbirds started by dropping bombs all over the field as everyone got a hit with no fielders choices. 

The baserunning these days is much better. The Ironbirds took the field for defense and pulled off some exciting plays. The first was a ground ball right in front of the plate. Mitchell quickly attacked the ball and fired to Scott at first. The second was a grounder back to the mound where Olivia fielded it and threw to Scott at home.

In the second inning the bats were alive again with everyone hitting safely. There nearly was another high point on defense when a throw from Zack, on the mound to Marcus, at the plate, almost resulted in an out. It was an exciting play.

In the third the Ironbirds’ bats once again lit up the skies, with hit after hit. And once again on defense the rigorous training is paying off, with two more groud outs back to the mound. First it was Mert to Matthew and then it was Matthew to Mitchell. This was one of the best outings for the Ironbirds.

Coach Goldstein was cornered by this report edand asked “why all the yelling?” He said, “I try to have the team awake and ready to go on each defensive play.” Coach Grossman was unable to attend due to a meeting with franchise management to discuss the team’s pending move up to Single “A” in the fall.

With one regular season game left, ticket sales are hot, there are a few seats available in the nose bleed section but any seat, to see this fine young ball team is worth the price.

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