Dateline: Fred Crabtree Field (Formerly Fox Mill 2)

The Ironbirds took the field on a humid Spring evening. To celebrate playing on the big field, the players were introduced individually, the national anthem was played and the Little League pledge was recited. After these pregame festivities, the Ironbirds went to work.

In the top of the first, the first three base runners got on. After a defensive rotation, the Ironbirds had Mitchell on the mound and Scott at home. Subsequently, there was a sharp grounder to Mitchell on the mound. He scooped it up and fired to Scott at home. Scott caught, it, alertly touched home just a step before the runner. The runner was out! Ironbird fans celebrated. In the bottom of the first, Isaac led off with a single, Zack followed with an infield hit and Trenton also beat out a nice hit to third. Marcus got a big hit as well as Mitchell, Olivia and Scott.

In the top of the second, the increasingly tough Ironbirds defense took the field. After a couple of runners got on, Trenton made a great play on a grounder as he flipped a ball to Isaac at third for out one. Later in the inning, Olivia charged a tough grounder to the mound and flipped to Scott at home for another out. Two outs in one inning! Ironbird fans rejoiced!

In the third, this reporter believes there was another out, but his notes are not clear on the play. [Editors Note: Our staff reporter has been somewhat lax of late and the editorial board anticipates much more thorough note taking in the future.]

After two, Coach Grossman sang “Take me out to the ballgame” with the Coach of the Diamond-Jaxx. This reporter thinks Coach Grossman might want to stick with coaching and leave the singing to others.

Coach Grossman only had time for a very a brief interview as he has to start preparation for the Ironbirds game against the feared Owlz next week. “What can you say. FOUR outs in one Game! Very exciting for our defense. Our offense is progressing and in a week or two I think we are really going to be smashing the ball. It was great fun to coach on the big field with this team. Thanks go to everyone who helped out!”

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