OK this one is hard.  You need space for real hitting.  You can use nets, but most parents don’t have them and if a kid hits a ball they have to go chase it.   Batting cages are nice if you have any that are open during the pandemic.   If not hitting off a T is great.  Many coaches think hitting off a T is for T-ball.  And by the way a cheap T Is $20 at Walmart – and $5 at a garage sale.   Its money very well spent.   Set up the T so it’s a little in front of the hitter so contact point is about at the front of home plate.  Imagine a pitch and if it comes all the way to the catcher, its too late to swing.  SO you want contact point at the front of the plate and not deep into the plate.   Do some dry swings first, then add the T.  Maybe they can hit a tennis ball off a T in a back yard or on a street.  You can use heavy balls so the ball doesn’t go anywhere.   Or just skip it and play whiffle ball. The swing is the same.  Work on a nice, balanced, level swing where you finish and you are just as balanced as when you start.   Lots more on mechanics of swinging are on the site, but if you are hitting nice line drives you are doing it right and if you are popping the ball up or hitting ground balls then something is wrong.  Don’t practice something that is wrong, try to identify the problem and work on it.    Vidoe is great for hitting as often players don’t feel what is wrong but they can see it on a video.   Don’t swing more than 10-20 times with a real bat as your muscles get tired so take a break.   If you can get to 10-20 swings a day its great,  get to 30-50 and you’ll see a marked difference in your child’s hitting.

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