Dateline: Browns Chapel

The location for this one changed just a short time before game time due to rains. The Cards looked ready to go as Michael took the mound. He hit the first batter, but settled down quickly. The next two batters grounded out to the mound and the last batter hit a tough chopper to Matthew who gobbled it up and flipped to first for out three. Michael led off with a single, Carder lined out to third and Jamie hit a shot to right. Matthew singled to score Michael and Jamie. Maxwell grounded out to second and John grounded out to first, but after one it was Cards 2 Pirates 0.

Top of the second and Michael went to work. He struck out the first two and the next batter hit a tough chopper to Carters right. He made a great backhand stab and fired to first for out three. The Cards put the ball in play as Isaac grounded out to third and Mikhail grounded out to short but alas no runners reached base.

Top of the third and Michael gave up a single to center to lead off the inning. The next batter grounded to Matthew at short who flipped to Isaac at second for out one. The next batter hit a line drive to Michael who dived, caught the ball and fired from his knees to Jamie at first to double up the runner. Cards fans rejoiced. Bottom of the third and the Cardinals went to work. Jordan singled, Rei singled, Michael singled to score Jordan. Jamie drilled a single to score Rei and Michael. Matthew singled to score Rei. The four run limit had been reached. After three the Cards held a 6-0 lead.

Carter came on and had some trouble finding the strike zone. The Pirates scored three but then he settled down and the got the next batter to ground out to second for out two. Bottom of the fourth and the Cards went down in order as John grounded out to third, Isaac grounded out to third and Mikhail grounded out to short. After four it was 6-3 Cardinals.

Due to time constraints the coaches met and agreed the fifth would be the final inning. Jamie came on and quickly struck out the first batter. The next batter was hit by a pitch. The next batter singled and the next batter was hit by a pitch to load the bases. The next batter grounded to second for out two and unfortunately the runner on second tried to score on the play. The throw came in high and two runs scored on the play. With a runner on third, the next batter singled to center. The next batter drove a shot to Mikhail in center who fired to Matthew at second. Matthew alertly saw the batter-runner taking a wide turn at first. He fired to Jamie who deftly applied the tag for out three. Unfortunately, the tying run scored on the play. In the bottom of the fifth. Zack popped out to first. Kyle popped out to short and with two outs Jordan singled. Unfortunately the next batter didn’t get on base and the game ended. Final Score: Cards 6 Pirates 6.

Coach Grossman said, “These games are always tough. I was thrilled to see us play three innings of great baseball. If we turn that into a whole game we’ll absolutely be ready for the playoffs.”

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