I was reading some materials on personal fitness training certification (as I’m thinking about taking the test to get certified) and it talks about the WHY behind fitness.  Well I think there’s aWHY behind coaching.  Many coaches do it for their kids -— or their league is short some coaches and they get asked to do it.   

My kids are grown so why bother.. 

Well, I offered to have some practices this summer.  A few kids did it, they had fun, they learned things.  Their throwing, catching, hitting have all gotten better.   

And then at the end I was saying goodbye and all of them came over and said THANKS FOR COACHING US — and you could just tell they meant it. 

That’s the WHY for me.   For kids to recognize that if they work hard and learn things, I think its a life lesson and their real thanks means more to me than anything else I can think of.  

A short blog post, but it's always good to think about the WHY.
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