The White Sox closed out their regular season in a thriller against the Pirates. It was another beautiful day to play baseball. Temperature in the mid 70’s, white puffy clouds drifting by, and Coach Goldstein at the helm (Coach Grossman was on one of his many scouting trips, always looking for new talent)

In the first the White Sox bats were connecting. With three singles, a couple of walks and one hit by pitch the White Sox jumped to a quick four runs. David Wynne started on the mound. He struck out two and ended the inning on a grounder to Bretton at first. After one it was White Sox 4 Pirates 0.

In the top of the second, the Sox enhanced their lead with a few walks and two runs scored. The Sox loaded the bases for Wesley and one out. He smashed a line drive toward first base, however the first baseman was awake and caught the ball for out two and Nolan, who was on first, had taken too big a lead and could not get back in time so it turned into a hearbreaking inning ending doubleplay. Dave W. had two pretty strikeouts and a lot of close pitches but the calls were not going his way and the Pirates weakly scored four to bring the score to White Sox 6 Pirates 4.

In the top of the third Dave W. walked, Bretton singled to advance Dave to second and a steal brings Dave to third. Stealing third against the Pirates was tough all day because their Catcher-Third Baseman combination is sharp. Several times it looked like Coach Goldstein was having a heart attack during a steal of third. Tom walked to load the bases.

The true Sox fan will remember the big play of last game when Nolan led off of second, and the Rangers pitcher ran to second and while he left the mound, Bretton scored on a steal from third. Well not to be outdone Dave W. was taking big leads from third goading the catcher into throwing the ball to third. Finally, he did it and Dave W took off. The throw back from the third baseman was on the money but a bit high and Dave W. slid under the tag for the run. This reporter saw the EMS team bring out the defibulator to jump start Coach Goldstein’s heart. During the heart attack steal Bretton alertly moved to third. The rest of the inning was filled with walks that brought in three more runs. Wesley went to the mound in the bottom of the inning and this reporter would like to note that Will deserves a big thanks as he came down with an Intestinal Virus which incapacitated him however he stayed with the team in the dugout and was able to warm up not only Wes but latter when Will’s guts were really hurting, he warmed up Bretton. He deserves a real thank you. Now back to the game. A couple of hits by the Pirates and a few walks and they were able to squeak in four more so after three the score stood at White Sox 10 Pirates 8.

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