Dateline: Fox Mill Road

On a humid evening at Fox Mill the two 3-0 teams in the league met. Andrew took the mound and, for the first time, faced a team swinging frequently. He gave up a few singles but alert defense by Ricky at third took out a runner and a great play at the plate took out another. Despite three big hits, the Cards only scored a run. The Marlins retaliated quickly with a walk to Ricky, a single by Andrew to move him to second and wild pitches to bring him around. The Marlins were in their first real test, and after one it was tied 1-1.

In the second, the Cards got a few cheap singles to the infield and brought in three runs. Unfazed, Andrew struck out the side . The Marlins fought back immediately with four quick runs scored by Hayden, Peyton, Michael, and Dave. A key single to dead center by Michael scored two of the runs. After two it was Marlins 5 Cards 4.

Kevin came on in the third and (despite having great control all season), it just wasn’t to be this evening and the Cards scored four runs on a series of walks. The Cards brought in their next pitcher and the best the Marlins could do was push one run across the plate on a couple of walks to Matthew and Hayden and an exciting steal of third by Matthew (who ultimately scored on a wild pitch). After three it was Cards 8 Marlins 6.

Peyton came on in the fourth and he threw some nice strikes but the Cards insisted on not swinging their bats and they scored four more on walks. At this point, the Marlins trailed 12-6 and for the first time, things looked a little bleak in Marlinville. The Marlin bats just didn’t bring in any runs in the final inning — Dave threw some nice pitches in the fifth but the Cards went on to win 16-6.

Coach Goldstein said “our guys just didn’t score in the late innings — we still have a lot of games to play and I think we’ll be fine next week” Coach Grossman, available only briefly said “I liked how our guys played hard all game. Its always pretty tough to win them all. I’m very happy that our guys never gave up. I really like our team and I am sure we’ll bounce back from one unfortunate outing. I’m looking forward to the rest of the season.”

The Marlins practice Friday in preparation for a game this Saturday.

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