Dateline: Crabtree Park (formerly Fox Mill)

On a very evening the Brewers played the Yankees under the lights. Mr. Clay McConnell a former assistant coach from Coach Grossman’s ’06 AAA Cardinals and the ’07 10-11 All Stars (his oldest son is named Ian for those reading those old wrapups) led the fans in the National Anthem. He is a sought after singer and the Brewers were lucky to sign him just in time for the match-up against the Yankees.

Unfortunately the team reporter has limited notes from the contest. Matthew recorded an oustanding out at second. Arvind had a huge two run RBI smash to the outfield, Isaac had two groundouts that advanced the runners (off the machine) and Ian had some great hits and flew down the baseline where he out by just a step. Mitchell, Trenton, Mert and Michael all had some great hits.

Coach Grossman said, “Those Yankees played well, but our players are continuing to get some hits off the machine. I was especially pleased with Isaac as he hit the machine twice. We still need to work on being awake in the field and thinking about what base to throw to when we get the balls. ” Coach Goldstein said, “Its always fun to play on the big field and the catchers again continued to progress nicely.”

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