Dateline: Ring Road

The Brewers looked crisp as they went through their warmups as they prepared to close out their season. In the opener they had struggled against the veteran White Sox team and it was now a chance for our fearless Brewers to show that things were very different at the end of the fall campaign. The White Sox went to the plate. The leadoff batter hit a sharp grounder to Matthew on the mound. He looked it into his glove, set his feet and fired to Arvind at first OUT ONE. The next batter hit a popup to third that Mitchell settled under and caught for out two. Two up and two down. After an infield hit, a single to center and a single to right, and an infield hit to load the bases, the next batter grounded another one to Matthew who threw to Arvind at first for the out. THREE OUTS and the inning was over as no White Sox crossed the plate. Brewers fans celebrated.

In the bottom of the first, Arvind led off with a hard shot off the machine. Elizabeth smashed a ball off the machine. Isaac hit one to the pitcher but he reached first due to his blazing speed on the base paths. The bases were loaded with no outs. Jacob drilled and RBI single back to the mound as Arvind scored. Marcus hit a nice shot off the mahine but the infield got Marcus as he was going to second. Elizabeth scored on the play. Matthew hit a big single up the middle off the machine and Isaac scored. Michael followed with an RBI single to score Jacob.

In the top of the second a hard hit past the pitcher was a tough play. Mitchell came flying in from second, got the ball and fired to first for out one. The White Sox got a few runs off some hits and some close plays in the field and scored their four runs. In the bottom of the second, the Brewers continued their offensive barrage. Mitchell smashed a hard shot back to the pitcher off the machine. Trenten drilled a single to shortstop. Arvind hit a long shot to right to score Mitchell. Elizabeth got her second hit of the day off the machine to score Trenton. Isaac hit a shot back to the mound to score Arvind. Jacob beat out an infield hit and Marcus followed with another key hit off the machine to score Elizabeth.

The Brewers ran out to play some defense against the White Sox. The Brewers came very close to a few outs but the White Sox got their four runs. In the bottom of the third, Matthew hit a long fly ball to center, Michael followed with a solid hit to short. Mitchell hit a hard shot to second. Trenten followed with a ground ball RBI that scored Matthew but Michael was just barely out at third. Arvind hit another long shot off the machine to score Mitchell. Elizabeth got her third hit in three innings off the machine. Isaac hit one back to the mound to score Trenten. Jacob hit another shot to score Arvind. Jacob beat the throw to first as the White Sox saw how hard it is to stop the baserunning of the Brewers.

In the top of the fourth, the White Sox hit a hard shot back to Arvind on the mound, he got it and fired to Mitchell at first for out one. There were many other close plays but the White Sox scored four runs and the inning came to an end. In the bottom of the fourth, Marcus got another hit off the machine to close out a day of three for three off the machine. Matthew hit a shot to short off the machine. Michael grounded out to third as the White Sox made a nice play on Marcus as he was going to third. Mitchell hit a strong hit to center off the machine to score Matthew. Trenten hit a nice infield hit to third to score Michaell. Arvind drilled a hit to the pitcher to score Michael. Elizabeth hit a hard shot down the third base line. Isaac grounded out to the pitcher but Trenten scored on the play to end the inning.

Coach Goldstein said, “How about that first inning. 1-2-3 and the White Sox were out quickly. What a great cap to a fine fall season.” Coach Grossman said, “We were the youngest team in the league this fall and we certainly held our own. I think we are going to have a truly great spring and it wouldn’t surprise me if the pre-season commentators have us picked to do very well. WIth so much young talent coming back in the Spring I think we are going to have a great time. The team came so far this year. The last few practices were very focused. I think this team is going to have a nice off-season and they’ll be ready to play when we get together again. I wish all of our fans a great off season.

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