Dateline: Crabtree Green

It was a very pleasant evening as the Phillies started a two game home stand.  The Astros first five batters hit the ball well and Kyle threw a bunch of strikes and even struck out two, but some fielding errors resulted in five runs for the Astros.  Sam beat out an infield hit, advanced after Kyle was hit by a pitch and scored on a ground out by Krishan.  After one it was 5-1 Astros.  Reese came on in the second, but the Astros kept putting the ball in play and five more runs scored.  The Phillies went down quietly in the second.   Aiden looked great in the third getting a ground out to first and a line out to first that resulted in a double play.  The Phillies didn’t score in the third.  Sam and Michael pitched the fourth and fifth but seven more runs scored.  Evan pitched the sixth and looked sharp, finally shutting down the Astros with two strike outs.  Down 17-1 the Phillies didn’t quit.  Krish walked, Isaac walked, Joseph walked and Evan walked to score Krish. Sam walked to score Isaac.  Kyle walked to score Joseph.  Krishan walked to score Evan.  William walked to score Sam.   The Astros finally got the last out to hold on to win the game.

Coach Grossman said, “We really seem to have trouble coming ready to play on Thursday’s.  I think we’ll be fine on Saturday and we are going to work on our resilience as we got down a little after a couple of errors and it really hurt.  We will keep working on resilience until we fix it.  This team has an enormous amount of talent and I think its only a matter of time until we get rolling.  I was very happy to see Evan get some time on the mound, he looked great in his majors debut. “

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