Dateline: Browns Chapel

Clouds hovered over the field during warmups, but the game began as the heavens held their moisture.

Alyssa calmly strode to the mound and struck out the leadoff hitter. The first batter struck out, but this was followed by a weak single where the batter luckily advanced to second on an error. The next batter was walked but not before the runner on second stole third and then home. Subsequently, the next batter hit a shot to center for a solid triple, but he overran the bag and Mitchell alertly tagged him out at third. Alyssa finished off the next batter and the A’s escaped after only two runs. Matthew hit a solid single and Mitchell made good contact on a fielder’s choice but the Cards starter struck out the rest of the side. The A’s trailed 2-0 after one.

In the second, Alyssa walked two and struck out the side for no runs. The A’s sensed an opportunity and Drew hit a solid single and stole third after moving to second on a walk to Pierce. Sadly, the Cards made a fortunate play at the plate that got Drew out when he tried to advance on a wild pitch. After 2, it remained 2-0 Cards.

Alyssa shut down the Cards and the A’s bats came alive in the bottom of the third. came up in the bottom of the third. In the bottom of the third the A’s bats came alive. With Daniel and Jonathan on with walks, Mathew hit a solid single to score both runners. Mitchell smashed a single and scored Matthew. Richard continued the offensive barrage with a hit and Mitchell moved to second. Will popped into a double play to end the inning, but after the dust settled it was A’s 3 Cards 2.

In the fourth Mathew came in struck out 2, but two runs squeaked in on some weak hits. Matthew did make an exciting tag at third on a runner who tried to steal home, and then thought better of it and ran back toward third. The Cards led 4-3. In the bottom of the inning many batters were walked by the Cards, A few steals to home and a final walk to Mathew gave the A’s 4 more. Now it was A’s 7-4. The A’s never looked back.

In the top of the fifth the Card’s hitter smashed a line drive to right, but Will alertly threw to Donnie at first for the out. The next batter hit back to Mathew who threw it to Donnie at first for the second out. Mathew struck out the next batter. In the bottom of the inning, the A’s continued their offensive barrage as Mitchell and Richard both got on base with hits. Then Will tripled to deep center, scoring Mitchell and Richard. Drew walked and Donnie advanced him to second. Pierce walked and Alyssa hit driving in Drew for the fourth. After 5 it was A’s 11-4

Mathew walked the first batter, and struck out the next. The next batter hit the ball back to Mathew who alertly threw it to second where Donnie, the shortstop, was covering for the fielders choice. Two outs. Mathew then calmly struck out the next batter to end the game.

Coach Goldstein was quite pleased after the game and said “No need for Coach Grossman to come back. We are in great shape. I like how our players bounced back from the loss yesterday and played hard all game today. We’ll be ready for the Mets on Monday.”

Coach Grossman available only briefly while continuing his scouting trip for the 2004 season said “Great work by Coach Goldstein and the entire team. Its clear we are starting to hit and our fielding is clearly improving. I’m looking forward to seeing everyone on Monday. “

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