T-ball Initial E-mail

Initial E-mail to Parents

Here is a draft e-mail —obviously modify it as you see fit or as your league requires, but it’s a start. I think this e-mail sets the tone for the year so you should work on it.


Dear Parents of <Team Name if you have it>

I am the coach of your team. My goal is to make it so your child has a lot of fun, learns a little about baseball, and absolutely plays again next season.

I would like to invite you to a season opening Pizza Party at my house where we’ll go over all the odds and ends for the season.

We will practice once a week for one hour, and I’ll make sure we start on time and end on time.

Please come to practice and wear exercise clothing so you can help out with the drills. Baseball really is different from soccer, for example, in that one coach and a ball can do useful things. With baseball we need multiple assistants to have real success.

At the T-ball level its crucial that we have as close to a 1-1 parent-chilid ratio as possible so that the kids will get the attention they need. You absolutely do not need any baseball knowledge. We just need to maximize quality repetitions in order to teach the basics of fielding, throwing, and hitting. The more the kids learn the more they are going to want to play next year.

We are going to need the following coordinators so please be thinking about these when you come to the meeting.

ASSISTANT COACHES — I plan to have several, so please volunteer.

SNACK COORDINATOR — Someone has to be in charge of who brings snacks after the games — for kids this is a very big deal.  Most questions during the game will be, “HEY, WHAT ARE WE HAVING FOR A SNACK?”

FUNDRAISING COORDINATOR  — This person will deal with all the fundraising needs of the league.

TEAM PICTURE COORDINATOR  — This person will deal with sharing pictures and with handling the team photo with the league.

RSVP COORDINATOR  — This person will make sure I know who is coming to each game and practice. We’ll have a web site up and running that allows you to easily click YES or NO if you are coming, but we need someone to make sure people click on YES or click on NO.

I’ll look forward to meeting all of you….

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